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Web 2.0 Tools are Cool!

Are you getting tired of keeping track of all your usernames/passwords for websites, apps, etc. ? Then you should try an online security manager. Below are just a couple of examples but there are many out there. Most will securely house your usernames/passwords and also help generate new “hard to crack” passwords for you to use. Click on the suggestions below to go to the websites.

Sticky Password

Password Safe

Do you want to spice up the way you randomly pick student’s names? Why not give thisone a try. It is from the website where you can find a lot of other cool, free tools like a Jeopardy style template to create an assessment/review of concepts being taught in the classroom.

And speaking of spicing things up in the classroom, are you needing some new timers to use with your students? If so, then you have got to check out this website ( and yes… I am a nerd because I actually get excited about finding new tech tools like these).

My favorite is the snail racing timer but be sure and turn down the volume to avoid distracting the kids further.

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Spotlight on one of our library books:

5th grade teachers looking for a good read aloud might be interested in the following series: The Books of Umber. We have titles 1 and 2 in the series in our library. The first isHappenstance Found and is a very rich and exciting nonfiction story that will keep your students intrigued and wanting more. Check it out @your library!